This website is primarily an on-line showcase of my work. It is frequently updated, and contains examples of a broad range of technologies related to the web.

function before form

I am certainly no graphic artist. I love clean code developed according to Web Standards.

The majority of sites on the web use outdated design techniques that include flaws that have plagued the internet for years, such as nested tables — an inelegant, unsophisticated and incorrect technique.

Through the use of modern, forward-thinking HTML enhanced with CSS, I produce elegant pages that are easy to maintain, minimise bandwidth consumption, and are compatible with the future web technologies, all of which translate into direct cost savings.

about me

Formally educated at Hotel School, I spent many years in the Hospitality Industry before making the change to IT. My experience as an Installation and Support Technician for a Point-of-Sale Company gave me a solid grounding in hardware and software, especially customizing systems to clients specifications. Moving over to a large IT Training company saw me discover the ability to quickly learn and understand new technologies.

I started Stylus in 2004 when I identified a need for IT services focused on small and medium businesses.

I am a PHP / MySQL developer. I prefer the scalability and maintainability of Object Orientated code above that of procedural code, but am comfortable with both. I have solid experience in CakePHP and have played with Laravel and Zend. I use multiple flavours of HTML, including HTML5. I use CSS. I prefer jQuery to native Javascript, but get by when I need to.

I love MySQL, I can get by in PostreSQL, and have started playing with MongoDB.

I can set up a LAMP or WAMP stack, normally work in Windows, but can work comfortably in Linux, too.

I use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, FrontPage and more, and have training to advanced levels in each. I use GIMP for graphics.

I like to play with new technologies and software, and have basic skills using diverse areas such as Google Charts and QlikView.

PHP OOP My role at Touchwork involved refactoring code & writing new code as OO. 5 Current 4
PHP procedural Solid practical experience 5 Current 4
jQuery UI & Mobile
Fairly extensive use of jQuery and jQuery UI
Good understanding & practical ability
JavaScript Basic ability to code in JavaScript 3 Current 2
Node.js Very basic ability 1 2014 1
AJAX Basic understanding & ability 2 Current 2
Flash ActionScript Extensive basic experience, mainly on personal projects 4 2009 2
HTML / XHTML Hand-code standards-based, semantic, accessible 5 Current 4
HTML5 Good practical experience 1 Current 3
CSS Hand-code standards-based, accessible 5 Current 3
XML Basic understanding & practical experience 2 Current 2
PHP Frameworks Good CakePHP experience
Limited CodeIgniter experience
Limited experience with Zend modules
PhoneGap Basic experience on personal projects 1 Current 2
Python Basic exposure 1 2014 1
Notepad++ 3 Current 3
Flash Extensive basic experience, mainly on personal projects 4 2009 2
Also: Aptana, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Homesite    
MySQL Excellent theory and solid experience in modeling, creating & querying

My role at Touchwork involved normalizing databases

4 Current 4
MongoDB Very basic Hello World experience 1 Current 1
MS Access Experienced user 5+ 2009 4
Firebird (Interbase) Practical experience at Touchwork 3 2011 3
PostgreSQL Practical experience at VOSS 2 2014 2
Apache Ability to set-up & configure Apache server for production and development environments (Windows & Linux) 3 Current 2
GIMP / Photoshop Ability to optimize and slice graphics
Ability to manipulating images, and create graphics
3 Current 3
Also: CorelDraw, FreeHand, Fireworks    
MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook Experienced user 5+ Current 4
Linux Good experience 3 Current 3
asterisk Fast Start Course Certificate completed 1 Current 1
VICIDial, QueueMetrics 1 Current 1
WordPress Setting-up, customising 2 Current 3
Firebug Debugging 2 Current 3
SVN, Git Source control software 3 Current 3
Bug-tracking Bugzilla, OnTime, JIRA, Eventum 4 Current 3
Test Management Tool TestLink 1 2014 3
Browserstack Solid experience 1 2014 3

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