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It is possible to add a little bit of visual appeal to your Google Forms. Aside from the options to modify the colour scheme and the font face, you can add a header image. There are a large number of Google banner images available, or you can upload your own. You will need a graphic with the dimensions 1200px x 300px. You could find a suitable image and crop it to those dimensions, or you could easily create a stunning image of your own using PowerPoint.

To add your custom image to your Form:

Uploading a custom header image for a Google Form.Cropping a custom header image for a Google Form.
  1. Click the Customise theme button
  2. Click the Choose an image button
  3. Select the Upload tab
  4. Drag your image or use the Upload button to browse for it
  5. Crop the image if necessary
  6. Click the Done button

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