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A quick and easy way for an educator to check progress on work is for a learner to take a screenshot and upload it to a Google Classroom Assignment. The screenshot can be taken using Windows’ Snipping Tool and added to the Assignment as a Google Drawing.

The steps below are for the completion of a PAT mini-checkpoint that I created as an Assignment to gain visibility on my learners’ progress in their Phase 1 reports:

  1. Open your Phase 1 Word report
  2. Hide the Word ribbon and zoom out so that the entire Table of Contents is visible on the screen
  3. Use the Snipping Tool to screenshot the entire Table of Contents
  4. Open the Google Classroom Assignment
  5. Click the Add or Create button and select Drawing at the bottom of the menu list
  6. A new Google Drawing will be attached to your Assignment
  7. Click on the attached Google Drawing to open it in a new tab
  8. Paste (right-click and select Paste or use CNTRL+V) the screenshot onto the canvas in the Google Drawing
  9. The Google Drawing will save automatically
  10. Close the tab with the Google Drawing
  11. Submit your Assignment

Remember: if you need to change your Assignment in any way after it has been submitted, follow the steps in the post: Re-submitting an Assignment in Google Classroom.

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