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A Microsoft Word document might contain only a table, or it might start with a table as its first piece of content. There seems to be no easy way of then adding content before that table as you are unable to place your cursor above that table!

Here are two approaches to solving the problem:

1. Cut, add, paste

  1. Select the entire table and all its contents
  2. Cut the selection
  3. Add your new content to the document
  4. Press Enter and paste the table back in to the document on the blank line below the new content above

2. Add a new row & convert it to text

  1. Add a new row to the table before the first row of that table
  2. Add content to the first cell of the new top row of the table
  3. Select the new top row
  4. Activate the Layout menu
  5. Left-click the Convert to Text command button

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