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Modifying the properties of an Access Form falls outside the scope of the CAT curriculum. This very simple exercise will give you some insight into how a fully-fledged database application can be so much more than a collection of tables, queries, forms and reports.

The normal route to create a Form is to base the Form on one of the Tables in your Access database. The Form controls inherit properties from the Fields in the underlying table: if a Table field’s properties for a dropdown are set then the corresponding control on the Form will be a dropdown control.

By default, the completed Form allows you to add, edit, modify and delete records in the underlying table.

  1. Open the Form in design view.
  2. Select the Design menu tab (from the Form Design Tools section) and click on the Property Sheet button.
  3. On the Property Sheet panel, select Form from the drop-down box.
  4. On the Data tab, select Yes for the Data Entry property.

When the form opens you will be able to add new records and edit and delete those new records, but not be able to view, edit or delete existing records in the underlying table.

This is just one of the many, many Access features that allow the control of data input for the purpose of ensuring the efficient, accurate capturing of data.

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