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A typical theory paper will most likely include a question about categories of computer users…

Mobile Users

As smartphones become more affordable and more powerful it is possible for the average user to fulfil most of their computing needs on their mobile device. These are people who rely heavily on the always-on Internet connectivity that cellphone data networks provide.

Personal Computer User

A Personal Computer User is someone who is using an entry-level PC or laptop for education, entertainment and communication purposes. This is most likely someone who could easily shop at Incredible Connection or Game and purchase whatever computer is currently on special. They have no special requirements and will probably be happy with Windows 10 and Office 365.

I think it is safe to say that as a CAT learner, you fall into this category.


The Small Office Home Office User category must certainly have seen a massive increase during the lockdown! This user will want slightly more than just an entry-level PC or laptop, a reliable computer, multi-function printer and Wireless Modem or FttH. They are likely to be relying on online applications such as Gmail as well as online storage such as Dropbox to store and share data.

Power User

Power Users (or Super Users) are users whose computing needs exceed that of the average user. They have specialised software which has specific hardware requirements, specifically around extra processing power (CPU & RAM) and graphics cards (GPUs).

  1. Architect
  2. Engineer
  3. Video editor
  4. High-end graphic designers & animators
  5. Music producer
  6. Scientific researchers
  7. Professional gamers
  8. Crypto-currency miners

I have included crypto-currency miners, however, this is not a “safe” answer as it may not be included in an NSC Exam memorandum. You might also imagine programmers would be on this list, however, most software can be developed on an entry-level PC these days (some compiled languages may need slightly more powerful computers for their compilers)!

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