Controlling the initial display of a PDF embedded in a web-page

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I previously posted about using the tag to display a PDF in a web-page (as opposed to linking to the PDF) for a client. The same client subsequently asked if there was a way that the PDF could be displayed at a smaller initial size. My reply was that this would most likely be something set at the time of creating the PDF. I was only half [...]

HTML fragment identifiers

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When creating hyperlinks within a document, I have always used empty anchor tags. However, the “fragment identifier”, or the target for the hyperlink, can actually be the id of any element. I did not know [...]

HTML label syntax

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Semantically correct coding pays off in so many ways. Here we see some advantages of correctly coding label controls in conjunction with input [...]

embedding a PDF in a web page

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I recently did some work for a friend who wanted to display a PDF on a website. Rather than display a link to download the PDF, or open it in a separate browser window (or tab), I used the [...]

Stop the Skype plugin from breaking your design

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It took me a bit of searching to find this line of code to stop the Skype browser plug-in from automatically styling all the telephone numbers in your [...]

Open Link in New Tab

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As more and more sites strive for standards-compliant code that passes validation, the developer now faces a conundrum: the once simple process of adding the _target attribute for links opening in a new browser window or tab will not [...]

favicon generator

I am usually really quick to share links to cool sites and utilities, but I am somehow hesitant to share this one… it is just too cool!

A “favicon” is the little icon that you will see appear in various places in your browser – if it is available it will replace the standard Firefox / [...]