Just Say Yes - Snow Patrol

Just Say Yes - Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol caught my attention with Chasing Cars, but I really love “Just Say [...]

Chest Out (Bheki Cele) - DJ Excess

Bheki Cele is the South African National Police Commissioner. Famous for his tough “shoot-to-kill” stance on crime, as well as being able to somehow play the race card at almost every opportunity.

The Call - Matt Kennon

California Sunset - Blank & Jones

Cooler As Ekke — Jack Parow

Jack Parow

I recently braved a trip with Bunny to The Barnard Theater at Willowbridge — deep in the North — to see the Jack Parow CD launch.

I often ask myself what it is to be South African, and whether I feel I have a “culture” or not. Whilst I don’t believe I found it in Belville [...]

Show Dem (Make The Circle Bigger) — JR featuring HHP

Any South African — and particularly any Capetonian — should be able to identify with this silly song!

Paul Oakenfold Tour 2010

The Cape Town leg of the Miller Paul Oakenfold Tour will be held at @tmospheer Nightclub in Lansdowne on Friday 7th May, 2010.

Paul Oakenfold Tour