background pattern for webpage


I have created a background pattern for the site using Photoshop. By creating a small image that you can tile (repeat), you are able to avoid using a large image.

This is how I did it:

Fire-up Photoshop.
Create a new, square canvas – I started at 200 x 200.
Choose an image that you would like to use [...]

the favicon


The “favicon” is the little icon that appears in the address bar (along with the URL) and in the tab (of a tabbed browser), or the title bar of other browsers, replacing the generic browser icon.

As more and more people switch over to “tabbed browsers” like Firefox and Internet Explorer 7, the favicon occupies more [...]

Sobhar re-design

Sobhar - the Heart of the Sexy South!

The Sobhar website has been redesigned, and now has a little more “eye-candy” [...]