i could not do without Firebug

Firefox logo 256x256

I have been using the Firebug extension for Firefox since being introduced to it at my interview for my job at [...]

AdBlock Plus Firefox Add-on

Firefox logo 256x256

I specifically tired of waiting for ads to load on Facebook! There seem to be loads of problems with the way the ads are being served up, and it slows down the page loading speeds.

So I went in search of a solution, and found it in the form of the AdBlock Add-on for Firefox. Like [...]

enhance your browsing experience with PicLens

“PicLens is the web’s premier media browsing experience. Install it on your browser to take media full-screen on popular sites like Google Images, Flickr, Facebook, and more.”

Once again, the way the web can, and should be: and immersive web experience using a free plug-in. I have downloaded the FireFox plug-in, but other browsers are accommodated [...]

x-ray CSS vision

I am always looking for little tricks to help with my CSS.

So far I use the well-known Firefox extension Web Developer Toolbar (by Chris Pederick), as well as FireBug to help work on my stylesheets. Here is quite a handy one called X-Ray by the nice people at WESTCIV. I could only get it [...]