Catfishing is a prime example of social engineering. Catfishing is defined as “luring (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona”. The goal of building this relationship could be any one of the following:

  • To bully or harass or physically harm the victim (see: cyberbullying, grooming)
  • To gain personal information about the victim to commit fraud with their information

The following may be signs that you are being catfished by a person:

  • they have no (or very few) “Friends” or “Followers”
  • their profile seems very new / has very little history in comparison to their age
  • they avoid meetings & video calls
  • their picture is too good to be true
  • they claim you’re neighbours / friends-of-friends / related / at the same school/club
  • they get serious, over-friendly or intimate way too fast
  • they ask for personal information or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable
  • they always seem to need help
  • their stories seem far-fetched or too vague

Above list adapted from

By MisterFoxOnline

CAT Educator

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