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As of January 2021, Google Chrome added the ability to generate a QR Codes for any URL visited in the browser (this could previously be done using various Chrome extensions). Considering that most users are accessing websites via smartphones it is surprising to me that QR codes are not more frequently used to encode website addresses.

There are 2 ways to access the “Create QR code for this page” option:

  • click in the address bar
  • right-click on the page
Activating Chrome's QR Code generator.Chrome's QR Code generator.
  1. Click on the icon in Chrome’s address bar, or
  2. right-click anywhere on the page and
  3. select Create QR Code for this page
  4. to open the QR Code pop-up
  5. Modifying the URI automatically updates the QR code image
  6. Click on Download to download the PNG image file.
Google-generated QR code

This naturally only encodes the URL. If you have more complex requirements, consider using QR TIGER.

For some of the other options:

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