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Anyone who has spent any time working on a dev team will have some war stories to tell about code repositories. Managing large code-bases is a daunting task that requires skill and some pretty awesome software skills. One of the key competencies that must be second nature is comparing files and to do this you need file comparison tools.

With this in mind, I was pretty sure that a diff tool would be the answer to quickly marking HTML files in practical assessments.

Enter the Compare Plugin for Notepad++. The plugin allows you to view both your solution file and a learners file with all the differences clearly highlighted. It also offers synchronised scrolling.

  1. Open your solution HTML file in Notepad++
  2. Select Plugins » Compare » Set as First to Compare(CNTRL+AL+1)
  3. Open the HTML file that you are going to mark
  4. Select Plugins » Compare » Compare (CNTRL+AL+C)
Notepad++ Compare Plugin

There is a handy toolbar with buttons to navigate from diff to diff.

The Compare NavBar on the right is especially useful in very long files.

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