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Want to create an online, self-marking, multiple-choice quiz the easy way? Here is how to use Google Forms and the amazing Google Form Builder for Sheets add-on from Jivrus Technologies.

Faced with the sudden promotion to online education specialist as many educators were in the Coronavirus pandemic, I started to look for ways to quickly convert existing material into digital artefacts. One of my ideas was to convert all the multiple-choice questions from existing assessments in Microsoft Word format into self-marking Google Form Quizzes that the learners could use to test themselves while they studied their theory.

Creating the Google Form by copy-pasting is tedious and requires you to work in an unfamiliar environment. Doing the conversion in familiar tools made far more sense.

The initial set-up puts many off doing this, but trust me when I tell you once the initial set-up is complete you will thank yourself!

What do you need:

  • Chrome Browser
  • a Gmail account

Here is the process – click on each step for more information:

  1. Install the Google Form Builder for Sheets add-on from Jivrus Technologies
  2. Create the Excel template and “convert” it to a Google Sheet
  3. Import the questions into the Google Form from the Google Sheet template using the add-on
  4. Use the template to copy-paste and convert questions from existing assessment tools into quizzes

The process seems to be a total over-kill the first time you do it, however, once you have the first one done the second is far simpler and you will start to see the reward.

The plus side of this approach is:

  • You likely have existing Excel skills which make it easy to copy the data from existing documents (Microsoft Word, PDF or other) and manipulate it into the standard template
  • You can build up a massive database of multiple choice questions and easily mix and match them to create more quizzes
  • You can easily collaborate with other people, swapping questions that are in a standard format for easy import
  • You can easily collaborate with people less confident in their technical ability by having them complete the Excel part and you do the majick import part.

Here is the link to the official User Guide.

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