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I am seeing more and more QR codes popping up, especially now that COVID has encouraged people to pursue contactless methods of performing common tasks. I have recently seen restaurants with “table talkers” or stickers on their tables with QR codes for both online menus as well as QR codes that allow customers to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots. Here is how you can create a Wi-Fi QR code with QRTIGER QR code generator — you can even customise your QR code with a logo!

If you simply want to encode a URL in a downloadable PNG file, consider using Google Chrome’s Code Generator option.

  1. Go to qrcode-tiger.com
  2. Create a free account (this offers additional options) if you wish
  3. Select the Wifi option from the menu to enable the Wi-Fis option inputs
  4. Select the WiFi encryption type i.e. WPA, WEP, or no encryption
  5. Enter the Router’s SSID which is probably available at the rare of your device/router
  6. Enter the Wi-Fi password
  7. Click the Generate QR Code button
  8. Complete the additional options (logo, colour, frame and more)
  9. Click on the Download PNG button

That’s it! You now have a QR code image file that can be displayed or printed as you require.

QR code generated by QRtiger.
QR code generated by QRtiger.

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