Creating an Excel template for the Google Form Builder for Sheets add-on

Creating an Excel template for the Google Form Builder for Sheets add-on from Jivrus Technologies.

Do not change the template in any way until you have done your first test import. The column headings in the first row map automatically to the fields in the Google Form add-on. Simply copy the below two rows and paste them into a worksheet in a new Excel workbook. For this exercise ensure you only have one sheet in the workbook.

Questions Description Type Answer Start Answer 2 Answer 3 Answer End Required Points Correct Answer Correct Feedback Incorrect Feedback
Who wrote “To Kill a Mockingbird”? Select the correct answer from the following list. MULTIPLE CHOICE Miss Maudie Harper Lee Boo Radley Mr Ewell TRUE 1 Harper Lee Well done – Harper Lee is the correct answer! The correct answer is “Harper Lee”. The other options are the names of characters in the book.

The value in the Correct Answer field must be identical to the way it is in the corresponding option – be wary of leading, trailing or any other extra spaces for instance. Remember that if your learners are suing this for revision, a lot of value can be added in the “Incorrect Feedback” field.

Save the workbook and either upload it to your Google Drive and open it and save it as a Google Sheet, or create a new Google Sheet and simply copy-paste the data into the new Google Sheet. I already have the original Word documents in my Google Drive Stream folders so I keep the Excel workbook sync’ed in the same folder with the same name as the assessment from which it originated.

This Excel workbook is vital if you are collaborating with others – more about that later!

This is step 2 of a forthcoming article: Want to create an online, self-marking, multiple choice quiz the easy way? Here is how using Google Forms

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