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In the post Capturing full source details for your PAT you had to record the full details of three of your research sources: two websites and one other non-website source. You also had to summarise the information you found relating to your 10 research questions.

Create your Sources

This source information must be added as sources in Word on the References menu tab. Once you open the add source dialog you cannot copy from the content of your Word document (the dialog is modal). To overcome this, copy-paste the information as plain text in a Notepad++ file.

Navigate to the References menu and click on the Manage Sources button. Click the New button in the Source Manager dialog window:

Capturing source details
  1. The Create Source dialog window opens
  2. Select the Type of Source from the dropdown
  3. Copy-paste the relevant information into the various boxes: Author,
  4. Name of Webpage
  5. Name of Web Site
  6. Year, Month, Day
  7. URL
  8. Click OK

Insert your Bibliography

Put your cursor on a blank line under the Bibliography heading and insert the bibliography. Remember it is a field so you must update it if you make any changes to your sources.

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