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This is a very old script I wrote to take CSV data (exported from Excel) and create INSERT statements for an existing MySQL database table. While there may be lots of room for improvement — and it is certainly not safe for use in a production environment in this form — as a tool it gets the job done.

	<title>CSV to SQL convertor</title>
// Parse incoming information if above form was posted
if(isset($_POST['ref']) && $_POST['ref']=="csv2sql") {
    if($_POST['table_name']=='' || $_POST['csv_data']=='') {
		$msg = '<p>You must enter a table name and some CSV data!</p>';
	} else {
		echo "<h2>SQL Query Output:</h2>";
		// Get information from form & prepare it for parsing
		$table_name = $_POST['table_name'];
		$csv_data = $_POST['csv_data'];
	$csv_array = explode("\n",$csv_data);
	$column_names = explode(",",$csv_array[0]);
	// Generate base query
	$base_query = "INSERT INTO `$table_name` ("; $first = true; foreach($column_names as $column_name) {
		if(!$first) $base_query .= ", "; $column_name = trim($column_name);
			$base_query .= "`$column_name`"; $first = false;
		$base_query .= ") ";
// Loop through all CSV data rows and generate separate
// INSERT queries based on base_query + the row information
$last_data_row = count($csv_array) - 1;
for($counter = 1; $counter < $last_data_row; $counter++) {
	$value_query = "VALUES ("; $first = true;
	$data_row = explode(",",$csv_array[$counter]);
	$value_counter = 0;
		foreach($data_row as $data_value) {
			if(!$first) $value_query .= ", ";
			$data_value = trim($data_value);
			$value_query .= "'$data_value'";
			$first = false;
		$value_query .= ")";
		// Combine generated queries to generate final query
		$query = $base_query .$value_query .";";
		echo "$query <br />";
<h2>CSV to SQL convertor</h2>
<p>This script will create SQL INSERT statements from your pasted <acronym title="Comma Separated Values" lang="en">CSV</acronym> data.</p>
<p>Enter the name of the table, and then paste the data into the main input block. The data must be comma-separated, and the first row must contain the field names of the table.</p>
<p>Example data (copy-paste):</p>
<pre> Title, Year, Producer City of God, 2002, Katia Lund Rain,, Christine Jeffs 2001: A Space Odyssey, , Stanley Kubrick "This is a ""fake"" movie title", 1957, Sidney Lumet Alien, 1979 , Ridley Scott "The Sequel to ""Dances With Wolves.""", 1982, Ridley Scott "Caine Mutiny, The", 1954, "Dymtryk ""the King"", Edward" </pre>
echo (isset($msg) ? $msg : '');
<!-- Input form begin -->
<form name="csv2sql" method=POST action="<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>">
<input type="hidden" name="ref" value="csv2sql" /> <label>Name of table:</label>
<br />
<input class="default" type="TEXT" name="table_name" value="" size="50" />
<br />
<br />
<label>CSV data:</label><br /> <textarea class="default" name="csv_data" rows="30" cols="100"></textarea>
<br />
<br />
<input class="default" type="submit" value=" Convert to SQL query ">
</form> <!-- Input form end -->

See demo page here…

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