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This is something that is tested almost every year in Grade 12 exam papers: the Subtotal command in the Outline group of the Data ribbon. It is a useful way to aggregate (summarise) large amounts of data quickly.

In the example below, we have one year’s financial data. The data represents monthly sales figures; the monthly sales figures have been grouped into financial quarters. In the example, I use the Subtotal feature to create an outline of the data which includes totals for each of the quarters, as well as a total for the year.

Microsoft Excel's Subtotal feature.Microsoft Excel's Subtotal feature.
  1. Select the data, headings included (A2:C14)
  2. Activate the Data menu
  3. Click the Subtotal button
  4. Select the column by which you want to aggregate (group) the data — the data must be sorted by this column!
  5. Choose which function you want to use
  6. Choose which column of values you want to aggregate (calculate)
  7. Select the Summary below data option
  8. Click OK
  9. Your data now has subtotals for each Quarter
  10. You can expand and collapse the levels of the data outline

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