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Greenshot is one of those apps that will have you wondering how you ever managed without it! Taking a screenshot (or “screengrab”) on a Windows computer is as easy as pressing the Print Screen button on the keyboard. The problem most people find with this is: then what! Greenshot’s image editor also makes it far superior to Microsoft Windows’ Snipping Tool.

You can open Paint and paste your screenshot from the clipboard into a new canvas, but that is clunky. You can paste it directly into a Microsoft Word document, but your options are limited (see my post: Taking a screenshot from within Word for an alternative option).

Once you have installed Greenshot, pressing the Print Screen button activates the Greenshot software and the magic happens. The app is fully configurable in terms of default behaviours such as where to save screenshots, in what format to save them, and more.

Greenshot is free and easy to use. Watch this YouTube video for a demonstration.

Download Greenshot here.

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