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A really easy addition to any Microsoft Access database application is a Splash Screen that opens automatically when the database is opened.

  1. Create a new, blank form
  2. Save the form as frmSplash
  3. Add labels, graphics etc to your form using the relevant controls

Set the properties of the form as follows:

  1. Format Tab
    1. Default View: Single Form
    2. Auto Center: Yes
    3. Border Style:
  2. Other Tab
    1. Pop Up: Yes
  1. Select File >> Options
  2. Select the Current Database section
  3. Select frmSplash from the Display Form dropdown.
  4. Click the OK button

Close and re-open your database to see your Splash Screen in action!

To get your Splash Screen to close automatically after elapsed time:

  1. Activate the Event tab of the property sheet for frmSplash
  2. Enter a value of 3000 for the Timer Interval
  3. Click in the On Timer event and click on the 3 dots on the right & select the Macro Builder option
  1. The Macro Tools Design tab will now open
  2. Click in the Add New Action dropdown & select the CloseWindow option
  3. Set the object Type to Form
  4. Select frmSplash from the Object Name
  5. and set the Save option to No
  6. Save
  7. Close

Of course, if you have a menu for your application then you can adapt the above process so that the Splash Screen is closed and the menu is opened.

By MisterFoxOnline

CAT Educator

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