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Adding a watermark to a Word document is a simple process. By default, when you insert a watermark in a Word document, the watermark is inserted on all pages of the document. Adding a watermark to only one page in a document requires a thorough knowledge of the Word interface!

To place a text watermark on a specific page:

Steps to insert a watermark on one page only
  1. Place the cursor on the page that you want the watermark to appear on
  2. Navigate to the Design ribbon & left-click the Watermark button
  3. Scroll down to see the full, categorised selection of watermarks & right-click on the watermark of your choice
  4. Select Insert at Current Document Position

A learner brought me a question that required a custom text Watermark to be inserted on one page only. I cannot believe that this would intentionally be asked in a CAT questionnaire, but if you are interested in the solution head on over to this post: How to Insert Watermarks on Specific Pages in Microsoft Word

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