Installing the Google Form Builder for Sheets add-on from Jivrus Technologies is pretty straight forward.

This awesome add-on allows you to create a Google Form from a Google Sheet template.

Please remember that if you are working within a Google Suite for Education domain you will likely need Admin access, or the help of the Administrator. You need to be using the Chrome browser.

  1. Click the link to get to Google Form Builder for Sheets
  2. Install the add-on – Domain Install for a Google Suite for Education domain or Individual Install if you are working outside of one
  3. You will most likely need to shut down and restart Chrome entirely to complete the add-on installation
  4. Create a blank, new Google Form
  5. The Add-ons option (puzzle piece icon) appears top left
  6. Click on it and select the Form Builder option, then select Start from the pop-up menu

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