How often do we see hard copies of documents with words like café where the acute on the “e” has been penned in after printing with a black pen! And all those poor people named Renée, Morné, Chloé and even Beyoncé whose very identity is brought into question!

Most languages require the use of “special characters” from time to time. I teach learners to use the Insert Symbols method in accordance with the curriculum:

  1. On the Insert ribbon
  2. Left-click the Symbol button
  3. Left-click “More Symbols
  4. On the Symbols tab
  5. Select (normal text) from the Font drop-down
  6. Scroll down using the scrollbar
  7. Left-click on the é
  8. Left-click on the Insert button
  9. Click the Close button

Notice that once you have used the symbol it is available under “Recently used symbols:” on the Symbols tab.

Once they have learnt this, I start showing them the shortcuts (by the way, you can see the shortcut listed in the above screenshot). The é (e-acute) can easily be inserted using the following keystroke combinations:

  1. ALT + 130
  2. CTRL + ‘ e

Below are links to the Microsoft Support website articles:

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