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When you create a Form you select the underlying object. A Form can be based on a table, or multiple tables, or a query, or multiple queries. When you create the Form, the controls on the form inherit many properties from the underlying object. For example, if there is a field in the underlying Table that is a Combo Box when you create the Form based on that Table, the control for that field will also be a Combo Box. Forms consist of three main sections: Form Header, Detail section, Form Footer. A Form could also have a sub-Form.

In this post:

  1. Adding a control
  2. Modifying a control
  3. Adding an Image
  4. Adding a Background Image

1. Adding a control

If when you created the Form you did not add all the fields from the underlying object(s), or you have subsequently added a field to an underlying object, you may need to add a control for that field to your Form. In the below example I am adding a control for the Suburb field in the underlying tblResponses table:

Adding a Control to a Form
  1. Select the Design menu
  2. Drag the Form Footer section down to make space for the new control
  3. Activate the Add Existing Fields command…
  4. …to open the Field List
  5. Left-click drag the Suburb field from the list in the Field List panel and
  6. drop it on the Detail section of the Form

2. Modifying a control

In this scenario, after adding the Suburb Text Box control to the Form, I then decided to make the Suburb field in the underlying table a Combo Box. I now need my Text Box control to be a Combo Box control on the form:

Changing a Text Box control to a Combo Box
  1. Select the Text Box control
  2. Right-click the control
  3. Select Change To»Combo Box

3. Adding an Image

You can add an image to any part of the form.

Inserting an image in a Form
  1. Activate the Design menu
  2. Click the Insert Image option
  3. Browse for an image file or insert a previously used image file
  4. Left-click drag the image on the form where you want it to appear

4. Adding a Background image

You can add a background image to a Form, or one of the sections of a Form.

Adding a background image to an Access Form.Access Form with a background image.
  1. Select the Format menu
  2. Us the Background Image much as the same way as you used the Insert Image option from the previous section, Adding an Image.
  3. Use the Property Sheet to tweak the settings of the background image
  4. For example, I set the Picture Size Mode to Stretch

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