Word’s automatic page numbering feature can become quite complicated very quickly! The complexity results from the various options available combined with the possible existence of Sections in your document. Your saving grace is that Word neatly labels the Headers and Footers on each page giving you all the information you need.

Page numbering is inserted in the header or the footer of a document.

DON’T do this…

Insert page numbering in Microsoft Word 2016
Inserting page numbering

Do this: double left-click on the header or footer to open the Headers and Footers – this activates the Headers & Footers Tools tab

You will need these skills for your PAT Word report!

An advanced Matric question might ask you to number the pages in a document as follows:

  • Insert page numbering in the footer of the document with:
    • No page number on the first (cover) page
    • A particular page number style on odd pages
    • A different page number style on even pages!

The solution:

  1. Open the footer on the SECOND page of the document
  2. Select the following options on the Headers & Footers Tools tab:
    1. Different First Page
    2. Different Odd & Even Pages
  3. Note that the labels for the Header and Footer sections of the document now read First Page Header/Footer, Odd Page Header/Footer, Even Page Header/Footer as appropriate
  4. Click in the Odd Page footer and use the Page Number button to insert the appropriate page number in the footer
  5. Click in the Even Page footer and use the Page Number button to insert the appropriate page number in the footer

If the document has Sections, then you will see that each of the Headers and Footers are labelled as such, for example, First Page Footer -Section 2-

In the above image, the First Page Footer -Section 2- is activated – you can see the label (marked ① above) indicating this. To the right, you can see the label (marked ② above) indicating that the Footer for this section — Section 2 — is linked to the previous section, Section 1. This means that the page numbering will continue from the previous section in both sequence and style.

Should you want the numbering in this section to be different, deselect the Link to Previous option (labelled ③ above) in the menu. The PAT requires you to use roman numerals starting at i for the page numbering of your appendices. You would therefore use a Next Page Section Break before your Appendices to create a new section, and then in the footer of this new section, you would deselect the Link to Previous option, select the page number, right-click it and set the options to roman numerals (labelled ① below) starting at i (labelled ② below) using the Format Page Numbers option.

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