Some ideas for each Grade for the 2020 PAT. The Grade 11 and 12 PAT’s each requires the Learner to select a project as part of their investigation; many are finding this difficult.

Grade 12

Topic: Volunteer Opportunities

Project ideas

  • Animal welfare
  • Alien vegetation control
  • Hunger-relief food parcel delivery
  • Beach safety (NSRI, Shark Watchers)
  • Security / neighbourhood watch
  • Combatting homelessness
  • Wildfire management
  • Ocean / Waterways & beach clean-ups
  • Addressing Education Inequality

Grade 11

Topic: “Online collaboration tools for working together”

The 2020 PAT requires Grade 11’s to investigate the use of online collaborative tools to work productively as a team. Many Learners are battling with the “double” nature of the topic: it is easy to investigate online collaborative tools, but not so easy to come up with a suitable project.

Project ideas

We have discussed a number of projects around the following concepts:

  • Animal welfare
  • Alien vegetation control
  • Event planning
  • Hunger-relief food parcel delivery
  • Security / neighbourhood watch
  • Trading surplus homegrown fresh produce
  • Distance learning

Online collaborative tools

Grade 10

Topic: Digital Footprint

What an amazing topic! I am encouraging my Learners to Google-stalk themselves to see what turns up. I am also suggesting they start nurturing their online presence so as to build it into something positive and useful in the future.

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