Screenshot of complete PAT folder structure created using a SmartArt hierarchy layout in Microsoft Word 2016.

Below is a screenshot of a PAT hierarchy diagram created using SmartArt in Microsoft Word. The majority of the PAT marks are awarded for simply following the detailed requirements correctly!

The requirement is that you organise your work logically and that you name files and folders meaningfully.

The screenshot below is of a diagram (a hierarchy created using SmartArt in Microsoft Word) which is required to be added in Phase 1 as an addendum in your Phase 1 Microsoft Word report.

Grade 11 & 12 file and folder organisation diagram

The PAT Learner Guide at one stage required a screenshot of the folder structure (but then marks were awarded for a SmartArt diagram in the marking rubric). To avoid any confusion and to cover all your bases, provide a screenshot in addition to the SmartArt hierarchy diagram.

Screenshot of PAT folder structure in File Explorer

The screenshot of Windows File Explorer must display:

  1. the address bar
  2. the expanded folder hierarchy in the navigation pane
  3. the contents of your Phase 1 folder

All of this work can be done in preparation for the PAT before the topic is announced, as can the next step, which is to create your Phase 1 report outline.

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