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Your Phase 1 Report must contain a Learner Declaration of Authenticity — this can be completed when creating your Phase 1 report outline. There is an example of what is expected in the Learner Guide. The declaration must be completed, printed, signed and added to your Learner Portfolio for each phase of the PAT. You will need your ID number.

To recreate the table in the screenshots below, start off by inserting a table with 7 rows and 2 columns below your heading. Then, take the opportunity to show off the following skills (don’t be afraid to use the entire page):

Annotated example of a PAT Learner Declaration.PAT Learner Declaration example.
  1. Paragraph After Spacing for the heading style
  2. Type your name and surname into this cell
  3. Type your ID number into this cell
  4. Type your grade into this cell
  5. Type the current year into this cell
  6. Type your teacher’s title and name into this cell
  7. Drag the bottom of this row down to create vertical space
  8. Add Spacing After Paragraph to create this vertical space
  9. Use custom tabs to align this content horizontally

Remember to use CNTRL+TAB when working with tabs inside a table; the TAB key alone will move you to the next cell in the table, or if you are in the last cell of the table, hitting the TAB key will add a new row to the bottom of the table.

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