PAT Phase 1

PAT Task Definition

The Task Definition is a written outline of the proposed project. It indicates an understanding of the task at hand, how the project will be carried out, what resources will be required, and how and to who the presentation will be made.

The PAT Learner Guide explains: “To show that you understand why you are conducting this investigation, you must be able to define, in your own words, what you will investigate and what you are required to do (±300 words or half a page in font size 12 pt. as a guideline)”. Basically, you are presented with a problem that you must investigate with the aim of finding a solution to that problem. What is the problem? Well, it is what you said it was in your Focus Question!

Past PAT’s have included a variety of topics covering a wide range of subjects, from potholes in roads to responsible digital citizenship.

The Learner Guide goes on to list 5 questions:

What is the current situation and the purpose of the investigation (desired outcome)?
Provide a clear statement of the problem (current situation)

What will be the desired outcome (focus & purpose) of my investigation?
Indicate the focus of your investigation, i.e. give an overview of which of the aspects will be investigated and covered – in other words, the headings you will use and the purpose of the investigation (desired outcome) – why you are doing this investigation.

How will I go about the investigation considering all the PAT requirements?
Specify in broad terms how you will approach the task (study the requirements / steps of the PAT and indicate how you intend to collect the data and information, manipulate it, etc.)

Who is the information for (target audience)?
Identify the target audience for the final report that will be drafted.

What format will the information be presented in?
List the program(s) that you will be using for each phase of the PAT.

Write a paragraph “answer” for each of those questions: do not include the question itself and answer the questions in the above order. Remember: the Task Definition and the Focus Question must correlate.

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