PAT Phase 1

PAT Task Definition

Your 5 paragraphs must each start as follows (they must NOT be numbered):

  1. The current situation is
  2. The focus of my investigation is
  3. I will use Microsoft Word to create a Report in Phase 1
  4. The target audience is
  5. The format of the presentation will be

The reason for this is that it makes the assessor and moderator’s jobs easier should your language not be very clear – this way they can easily see that you have fulfilled the requirements of the Learner Guide and can award you with the appropriate marks.

Below is a brief example of how to write your Task Definition, supposing your topic was to investigate the viability of a new ice-cream parlour in the greater Plettenberg Bay area:

What is the current situation regarding the focus of my investigation?
The current situation is that there appears to be a shortage of ice-cream parlours in the greater Plettenberg Bay area.

What will the focus and purpose(desired outcome?) of my investigation be?
The focus of my investigation will be understanding the demand for ice-cream in the area with the purpose of understanding the viability of opening a new ice-cream parlour. The desired outcome of this project is to establish whether the demand for ice-cream by both locals and tourists is being adequately met, or if there is room for a new ice-cream parlour(s).

How will I go about conducting the investigation, considering the PAT requirements?
I will execute my investigation by creating a planning document using Microsoft Word in Phase 1. I will conduct research on the internet and in local publications. I will interview residents and visitors to the area using a survey tool that I will create using Microsoft Word. I will analyse the data collected using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet as well as Microsoft Access.

Who is the information for (target audience)?
The target audience is current and prospective food and beverage operators interested in gaining market share in the area

What format will the information be presented in?
The format of the presentation will be a final report in Microsoft Word as well as a PowerPoint presentation (Grade 10) / HTML website (Grades 11 & 12)

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