Anatomy of a Pharming attack.

Pharming is defined as the fraudulent practice of directing Internet users to a bogus (fake) website that mimics (copies) the appearance of a legitimate (official) one, in order to obtain personal information such as passwords, account numbers, etc.

This requires a skilled hacker who can hack a DNS server to change DNS records to re-route requests to a legitimate website to the own webserver to a fake website created by the hacker on a different webserver for the purpose of the attack.

Anatomy of a pharming attack (diagram created using Lucid Charts)

Do not confuse pharming with phishing.

Question time

A common question asked requires you to compare pharming to phishing.

E-mail (or SMS etc.) with link to a fake websiteFake website
Very easy to create & send electronic messages & create a fake websiteVery difficult to hack DNS servers to redirect traffic to the fake site
Aim: to obtain your login credentials so that the criminal can log in to your REAL account and commit fraud.

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