PAT Phase 1

Phase 1 report outline

You can do a huge amount of work in your PAT Phase 1 report before you even have your Topic: the format of the PAT remains almost 100% consistent from year-to-year!

Each year, with very little change, the following pages and headings will be necessary – go ahead and create them (remember to use Styles to format them: the numbered headings should be Heading 1 & the bulleted items should be Heading 2). Each heading should be on a new page.

  1. (Cover page)
  2. (Table of Contents)
  3. Table of Figures
  4. Focus Question
  5. Task Definition
  6. Introduction
  7. Discussion
  8. Analysis
  9. Findings
  10. Conclusion
  11. Bibliography
  12. Appendices
    1. Addendum A: Research Questions (with table)
    2. Addendum B: Summaries (10 level 3 headings, linked to questions in Research Questions table)
    3. Addendum C: Source details (with 3 tables)
    4. Addendum D: Evaluation of Sources (with 3 tables)
    5. Addendum E: Learner Declaration of Authenticity (with details completed)
    6. Addendum F: Folder structure screenshot

Even before you have your topic or any content you can have a document with a Table of Contents similar to the one pictured below:

Screenshot from Microsoft Word document

The Grade 10 Learner Guide for 2020 specifies that you create your Table Of Contents manually using tabs with leader lines. If you use the automatic Table Of Contents instead, you must ensure that you demonstrate the skill of creating tabs with leader lines elsewhere to fulfil the PAT requirement.

By MisterFoxOnline

CAT Educator

3 replies on “Phase 1 report outline”

Hi David
This is beautiful!
I have started something similar by creating a slide deck which shows a few examples of what each part of phase 1 needs to look like. I include screenshots from the PAT document.
Do you also find that learners don’t really want to read through that guideline document?
* the link to “Cover Page” takes one to the task description. (not sure if that’s intentional).

Hi David, I love what you did here. I just wish it was also available in Afrikaans to help my students better. We are on the same whatsapp group with Adam and was also together in a workshop. It is actually my first year(since last March) that I teach CAT and this year I have the matrics also. I love teaching CAT. If you have some brilliant ideas would you please share them with me. I have gr 10- 12. Thank you

Thanks, Carlene!

I have loads of PowerPoint presentations that I use in class. I am trying to put all of that information online so that my Learners can access it when they are not in class (Grade 10 and 11’s are on rotation).

I am also working on converting Matric papers into self-marking Google Form Quizzes for Learners to use as preparation.

I am using Google Classroom extensively to create checkpoints for PAT progress – that way I can check progress at this time when we are not able to go to a Learners desk to see their work.

Please give me any feedback and keep an eye out for new posts. I only teach CAT in English so I am afraid translations are a way off…

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