PAT Phase 1

Phase 1 research questions

You must become an expert on your PAT topic! You must have all the knowledge that will be required to answer/solve the question posed in your Focus Question. To do this, you must ask yourself: What do I need to know to be an expert on this topic?

Part of this process is creating a set of no less than 10 research questions.

Do NOT confuse the research questions with the questions you will be asking in your questionnaire in Phase 2!

The Learner Guide specifies that you create a table to record these questions along with additional information. As laid out in the post Phase 1 report outline, the Research Questions will be in Addendum A: Research Questions.

NoQuestionCategoryType of
1How many ice-cream parlours are there in the Plettenberg Bay area?CompetitionWebsite
Phase 1 research question table

Of the 10 questions, at least one of them must be researched from a source that is NOT a website. You could use a video from YouTube, or you could go old-school and visit the library to consult a book, magazine or pamphlet. You could interview someone.

A PDF is considered to be printed material and counts as such – even though it was downloaded from a website. If you really get stuck, type PDF in front of you search in Google and websites offering PDF downloads will be listed first in your SERP. If you find a PDF on the internet, download the PDF to your Resource Materials folder.

You do not “answer” your research questions, you use them to guide your research. In other words, once you have found a source that contains the information you need, summarise that source!

The next addendum in your document should be Addendum B: Summaries. Create a sub-heading, “Summary 1” and style it with the style Heading 1. Summarise the web-page. Do not copy-paste – plagiarism is dealt with as dishonesty! The more work you put in now the easier you will find it later on. Add a bookmark to the summary subheading and create a hyperlink from the research questions table to this bookmark.

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