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This section of work relies entirely on the quality of the analysis that you performed on your questionnaire data. Simply selecting some unprocessed data such as the Gender data and creating a pie chart is meaningless.

In this post:

  1. The requirements
  2. Relevant Charts
  3. Appropriate Charts

1. The requirements

At least TWO graphs that are relevant, meaningful and serve a purpose, are of the correct type and formatted to be easy to interpret (headings, labels, legends, et cetera). The graphs will help to answer questions and contribute to the solution/explain aspects of the problem/solution.

The 2020 Grade 12 Marking Rubric

The marking rubric goes on to award marks for:

  • At least one relevant, meaningful graph is present, that will contribute to the solution
  • A second relevant meaningful graph that will contribute to the solution
  • Appropriate types of graph(s) and options used
  • Graph(s) easy to read and interpret

The processed data — the information — that represents synthesized knowledge is what you must aim to chart!

2. Relevant Charts

Many learners create a Chart like the one below left. That Chart does not “contribute to the solution/explain aspects of the problem” and is, in fact, incorrect. The correct Chart is the one on the right.

Meaningless Excel Pie ChartMeaningful Excel Pie Chart

I explained in the previous step, Phase 2 Excel analysis, why the Chart on the left is meaningless/incorrect.

3. Appropriate Charts

You must look carefully at the data that you wish to chart: not all charts will be appropriate (or even work) for all datasets.

See the following posts for more examples:

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