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Each year small changes are made to the PAT documents. Some of these changes create a small amount of confusion, often partly because the changes are not made consistently across the 3 grades, or the instructions in the Learner Guide do not match the mark allocations in the marking rubric. This post covers the Phase 2 Word report requirements.

In this post:

  1. What the docs say
  2. My recommendations

1. What the docs say

  • Grade 12: The Grade 12 Learner Guide specifies that you should:
    • “Continue refining the final report as needed” (p. 10)
    • “Copy the report from Phase 1 to the relevant Phase 2 folder, if you have not done so already, and continue working on this report by adding your graphs under the Findings heading.” (p. 28)
  • Grade 11: the Grade 11 Learner specifies that you:
    • “Ensure that the cover page contains the following: A meaningful abstract/extract – a brief paragraph of 50 – 100 words that summarises your entire investigation” (p. 16)
    • “Add summarized information from your spreadsheet – you will use this in phase 3.” (p. 16)
    • “Add summarised information from your database – you will use this in phase 3.” (p. 16)
    • The Assessment Tool (p. 18) goes on to award marks for:
      • Questionnaire information/findings summary/graphs
      • Spreadsheet information summary/graphs
      • Database information summary (queries)
      • Table of contents updated to include new information/headings/page numbers

For bonus points and the coolest PAT in the ‘hood, use Chrome’s Create QR code functionality to create a QR code for your Google Form questionnaire and paste the QR code as an Addendum in your Report and as an image in your Phase 3 website!

2. My recommendations

My recommendation is to cover all your bases, remember you are preparing for the “big one” in Grade 12, and do the following:

  1. Copy your completed Phase 1 Word report into your Phase 2 folder.
  2. Rename the report appropriately.
  3. Update the file structure screenshot in the relevant Addendum; the screenshot must now show the contents of the Phase 2 folder.
  4. Update the Learner declaration.
  5. Paste your Excel charts under the Findings heading (you will have to do this in your Phase 3 report anyway).
  6. Create a new Addendum and insert your completed Questionnaire as an embedded object (use a section with narrow margins for this page and/or resize the object by dragging the corner of the border inwards):
    1. Navigate to the Insert menu
    2. Click on the Object button
    3. Select Object from the options
    4. Activate the Create from File tab
    5. Select the Link to file option
    6. Click on the Browse button
    7. Select your questionnaire from your Phase 2 folder
    8. Select the embedded object – a display a finely dotted line “frame” around will be displayed around the object
    9. Centre align the object on the page

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