PAT Phase 3

Phase 3 final report

If you did all the work correctly in Phase 1 as recommended in my post Acing Your PAT, Phase 3 is a breeze.


Copy your Report from Phase 2 into your Phase 3 folder and rename it appropriately.

Add a new Addendum and insert your Questionnaire document as a linked object on the page (use a section with narrow margins for this page).

Cover page

Add an Abstract to your Cover page (you should have created the control when you created the outline of the document in Phase 1). An abstract is a brief summary of a research report and is often used to help the reader quickly ascertain the paper’s purpose.


Change the Task Definition heading to Introduction – the focus must be on:

  • The overview of problem (“The current situation…”)
  • Purpose of investigation (“The purpose of the investigation…”)
  • Clear focus of investigation (“The focus of the investigation…”)

Remove the paragraphs on how you planned to conduct the research / project (or lose the mark for “No other unnecessary information”)

Use formal English:

  • Write in the past tense
  • Remove all personal pronouns

Delete the Focus Question page with everything on it.


First, delete the placeholder headings “Discussion” and “Analysis”.

Now, use your headings from the Categories column in your Research Questions table. Add them to the content section of the report – make sure they are in a logical order.

For example:

  • Background
  • Impact
  • Solutions

Now, copy each of the summaries from each of the questions under the relevant headings into the above headings. If research question 1 is categorised as “Impact”, copy-paste its summary under the heading “Impact” in the main section of the report. If the source for research question 1 was one of the sources for which you created a citation, don’t forget to cite the paragraph(s).

Make sure the text is in a logical order.





Finishing touches

Don’t forget to:

  • update all your fields: Table of Contents, Table of Figures
  • do a final check of all your spelling & grammar
  • check your page numbering

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