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Pixelation as a concept is best demonstrated by two versions of the same image, one with a much lower resolution than the other. The image below is the original image, the image to the right is the pixelated image. Both images are exactly 500 x 500 pixels in size (remember a pixel is a block on a screen with a finite size). However, the resolution of the two images differs – the image on the right has a much lower resolution and it is not as “clear” as the original on the left. Accordingly, the image sizes differ with the original image having a size of 194 KB and the low-resolution image 24.2 KB.

Drag the slider to see the before and after results

“Pixel Art” exists as a digital art-form in which artwork is deliberately created to look pixelated, the idea being to emulate the graphics of older computer games.

The effect is often used to obscure parts of images. This is often done for privacy reasons, for example to obscure the licence plate of a car or someone’s face in a phtograph.

I also created this post to demonstrate WordPress’ super-cool Image Compare feature!

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