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Quick Response (“QR”)Codes are commonly read using smartphone cameras & software. QR Droid is a free Android app. The camera software on many smartphones now has QR Code reading software built-in. As of January 2021, the new version of Chrome has the built-in feature to create a downloadable QR Code.

QR Codes:

  • Can contain much more data than a standard barcode and can be read with less error than a barcode.
  • Are often seen on product packaging, magazines and in brochures and on leaflets.
  • Play an integral role in modern payment solutions such as Zapper and Snapscan.
  • Used as part of many social media sites and apps, specifically when connecting to other users’ accounts.
BarcodeQR CodeRFID
No error correctionError correction
20 characters3 Kilobytes = 7,089 characters numeric 4,296 characters alphanumeric2 Kilobytes (Specialised tags can store 4 – 8)
Black & whiteColor
Needs line-of-sight at the correct angleNeeds line-of-sight but at any angleDoes not need line-of-sight and can scan through items
Close proximityClose proximityActive tag: 100m or more Passive tag: about 1m
Scan one-at-a-timeScan one-at-a-timeCan scan in bulk
Read-onlyRead-onlyCan be read-only or read-write
PassivePassivePassive or active
Printed on item or stickerPrinted on item or stickerDurable & reusable
Comparing Barcodes, QR Codes & RFID tags
QR code for Instagram profile
QR code for Instagram profile

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