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This one had me for a while and I wondered if it were even possible: how do you re-create the “matching items”-type questions from formal assessments (Matric finals included) when creating a Google Form Quiz? The following is a workable — but not pretty — solution.

  1. Create a multiple-choice column type question in a Microsoft Word document in table form the way you normally would and then screenshot the table.
  2. Create a “Multiple-choice grid”-type question in the Google Form.
  3. Past the screenshot into the Google Form questions image option.
  4. Add the question numbers as rows (1, 2, 3, etc) and the answer options as columns (A, B, C, etc).
  5. Set options for the question.
Step 1: Screenshot of question from Microsoft Word
Step 2: Create a “Multiple-choice grid”-type question
Step 4: adding answer options

As you can see from the above screenshot, a question with a large number of options does not fit into the narrow width of a Google Form which results in horizontal scrolling.

Don’t forget the final, critical setting: set the question options to “Require a response in each row” as well as “Limit to one response per column“.

Step 5: Setting options

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