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There are a number of reasons for me to comment on one of your Assignments in Google Classroom even before you have handed the Assignment in. One of these reasons is that you have missed the deadline. As described in the post Re-submitting an assignment in the Google Classroom, I will only re-check work that I have already checked if you have commented below my comment.

I simply cannot be expected to open every learner’s assignment to check to see if maybe they have completed their work. So, if I comment on an Assignment that you have not yet handed inwhen you do hand it in — you must comment below my comment to let me know I must check again.

  1. The Due date (this Assignment is WAY overdue)
  2. The Private comment from the Educator (read between the lines: you are in BIG trouble!)
  3. When you complete this Assignment you must make a Private comment here
  4. This is for making Class comments that all the members of the Google Class can see

Let me remind you again: your Assignments are only complete once you have received a mark for that Assignment. When you are checking for incomplete Assignments in your To Do list, you must check the Done tab because work in the Done tab without a mark is not finished:

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