Microsoft Excel CSV export options

I am busy with a data migration where I need to export Microsoft Excel workbook data to CSVĀ so that I can import it into MySQL. I was extremely surprised that there are no options from within Excel to change delimiters and so forth. The solution is cumbersome and involves changing Windows operating system settings which […]

Microsoft Office

Extracting data from a completed Word Form

Microsoft Word can be used to create a digital form complete with a variety of controls. This form can be distributed, filled out by a respondent and returned to the sender. This article deals specifically with a Form created using the Legacy Form controls. The completed form can be opened and viewed, but how does […]


CSV to SQL converter script using PHP

This is a very old script I wrote to take CSV data (exported from Excel) and create INSERT statements for an existing MySQL database table. Lots of room for improvement, and certainly not safe for use in a production environment in this form – but as a tool it gets the job done. <html> <head> […]