Facebook: How not to use social media


The only thing I find more fascinating than technology is humankind. Put the two together and I could easily forget to [...]

Facebook servers go down

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Facebook servers down

Phantom Facebook Event

FaceBook Event error

I have a “phantom” Event showing up on my Profile! When I click on it – nothing appears. The notification has been on my page for a week now, and I can’t seem to find a way to get rid of it.

FaceBook Event error

New Facebook tagging feature

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Facebook seems very hesitant to announce new features! Just today I noticed a small, new enhancement…

When you update your Status, if you type in an @ followed by a friends name (1), it will give you a drop-down list (2) and offer a tag feature. The name is then converted into a link to that [...]

Facebook Chat Skype v4.1 integration

Skype logo

I have just upgraded to the newest version of Skype — version4.1, and noticed that there is a Facebook / Skype integration…

If you have Skype running on your machine, you can see the status of other Skype Contacts in the Facebook Chat list, as well as next to their names in your New Feed. Clicking on the Skype icon starts a Chat or [...]

on privacy, Facebook, & common sense

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Like all good things, FaceBook is open to abuse. Be [...]