Skype Message editing

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I always try and keep my spelling tidy: when using any IM application, I usually retype words I mis-spell, prefixed by ** to indicate a correction.

So if you are a Skype user, and hate watching your spelling errors travel slowly up the IM window hanging their serifs in shame, help is at hand!

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"Its the little things" - Skype happiness

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As trite as it may seem, wishing your User a “Happy Birthday” is one of the touches that I feel helps make the world of technology a friendlier place! Skype engages it’s [...]

Facebook Chat Skype v4.1 integration

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I have just upgraded to the newest version of Skype — version4.1, and noticed that there is a Facebook / Skype integration…

If you have Skype running on your machine, you can see the status of other Skype Contacts in the Facebook Chat list, as well as next to their names in your New Feed. Clicking on the Skype icon starts a Chat or [...]