BM Custom Login Plugin for WordPress

WordPress logo

I started fiddling with the login page of my WordPress blog the other day…

Rather than delve into the code and try and completely customize the page, I did what any smart WordPress user would do: went in search of a Plugin!

I found the BM Custom Login plug-in. Install it like any other plugin. Then all [...]

background pattern for webpage


I have created a background pattern for the site using Photoshop. By creating a small image that you can tile (repeat), you are able to avoid using a large image.

This is how I did it:

Fire-up Photoshop.
Create a new, square canvas – I started at 200 x 200.
Choose an image that you would like to use [...]

Sobhar re-design

Sobhar - the Heart of the Sexy South!

The Sobhar website has been redesigned, and now has a little more “eye-candy” [...]