jQuery Highlighter plugin

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I am currently on the job market, and it seems to be quite fashionable for companies to require candidates to submit code to secure an interview. Some of the tasks have been fairly interesting, like this [...]

Twitter @Anywhere API deprecated

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The Twitter @Anywhere API has been deprecated as of March 2013. This means that the super-cool Twitter @Anywhere Plus plugin I have been using to automatically create hover-cards for Twitter usernames no longer [...]

Selenium IDE

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“Selenium IDE is the a Firefox plugin that does record-and-playback of interactions with the browser. Use this to either create simple scripts, assist in exploratory testing. It can also export Remote Control or WebDriver scripts, though they tend to be somewhat brittle and should be overhauled into some sort of Page Object-y structure for any kind of [...]

Junk in my Trunk

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I have been using jQuery Datatables extensively for a work project. I discovered that newline and tab returns in jSON data were “breaking” my jQuery [...]

YouTube plug-in

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This is possible the easiest-to-use WordPress plug-in around! I am not a fan of YouTube — Jack Parow, however, rocks!

Find your video on YouTube
Copy the URL from the address bar
Paste it as-is into your post or page
Insert a “v” after the “http”

Get it here:

BM Custom Login Plugin for WordPress

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I started fiddling with the login page of my WordPress blog the other day…

Rather than delve into the code and try and completely customize the page, I did what any smart WordPress user would do: went in search of a Plugin!

I found the BM Custom Login plug-in. Install it like any other plugin. Then all [...]

Create a Twitter Feed Widget for your blog or website

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Implement a Twitter-feed Widget on your website or blog with this easy to use code generator from [...]

SexyBookmarks WordPress plug-in

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I recently loaded a heap of WordPress plugins on my blogs, one of them being the “SexyBookmarks” plug-in.

As usual, loading and configuring the plug-in was an absolute breeze. It gives you sharing options for all the social networking sites — many of which I have never heard of — as well as an email link.

The graphics are [...]

Stop the Skype plugin from breaking your design

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It took me a bit of searching to find this line of code to stop the Skype browser plug-in from automatically styling all the telephone numbers in your [...]

i could not do without Firebug

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I have been using the Firebug extension for Firefox since being introduced to it at my interview for my job at [...]