Twitter @Anywhere API deprecated

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The Twitter @Anywhere API has been deprecated as of March 2013. This means that the super-cool Twitter @Anywhere Plus plugin I have been using to automatically create hover-cards for Twitter usernames no longer [...]

Syntax Highlighter MT for WordPress

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I have searched for ages for a simple syntax highlighter Plug-in for Wordpress so that I can include code-snippets in my posts. Syntax Highlighter MT easily integrates the Syntax Highlighter tool from into [...]

WordpPress 3.3 upgrade a breeze

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Yep: WordPress 3.3 is available, and I upgraded my blogs with ease using the native update feature. I have not had too much opportunity to use the new version yet, but can report that the new Media Uploader sports drag-and-drop functionality, and is activated from one “Add Media” button, not separate Image and Video buttons. It’s awesome, and you can drag multiple files into the loader at [...]

WordPress: Increasing memory allocated to PHP

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If on your WordPress Dashboard you are seeing an error something like this:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size…

try adding the following to the wp-config.php file in the root directory of your blog:

define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);

WordPress and the “Add to foursquare” button

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I have been enjoying playing with foursquare lately, and wanted to add the “Add to foursquare” button to my [...]

WordPress 3: Thelonious

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A brief video introduction of WordPress version 3: [...]

BM Custom Login Plugin for WordPress

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I started fiddling with the login page of my WordPress blog the other day…

Rather than delve into the code and try and completely customize the page, I did what any smart WordPress user would do: went in search of a Plugin!

I found the BM Custom Login plug-in. Install it like any other plugin. Then all [...]

SexyBookmarks WordPress plug-in

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I recently loaded a heap of WordPress plugins on my blogs, one of them being the “SexyBookmarks” plug-in.

As usual, loading and configuring the plug-in was an absolute breeze. It gives you sharing options for all the social networking sites — many of which I have never heard of — as well as an email link.

The graphics are [...]

WordPress 2.7

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I have just upgraded to the latest version of WordPress. As usual, it was an absolute breeze!

WordPress Meta tags & SEO optimisation

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I assumed that part of the reason blogs rated well with search engines was because things like meta tags were taken care of for you. I was hugely surprised when I viewed the source of my blog pages on my hiking blog, [...]