Just Say Yes - Snow Patrol

Just Say Yes - Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol caught my attention with Chasing Cars, but I really love “Just Say [...]

Chest Out (Bheki Cele) - DJ Excess

Bheki Cele is the South African National Police Commissioner. Famous for his tough “shoot-to-kill” stance on crime, as well as being able to somehow play the race card at almost every opportunity.

The Call - Matt Kennon

California Sunset - Blank & Jones

Drunk and disorderly


Funny YouTube video clip of an under-the-weather concert-goer trying to retrieve his [...]

Show Dem (Make The Circle Bigger) — JR featuring HHP

Any South African — and particularly any Capetonian — should be able to identify with this silly song!

Jeff Dunham - Achmed the Dead Terrorist

Achmed the Dead Terrorist

I have had Achmed the Dead Terrorist’s high pitched “Silence: I kill you!” as the message alert tone on my cellphone for quite some time now. Incredibly, some of my friends have still not seen the clip of the talented and very funny Jeff Dunham and his [...]

Paul Oakenfold Tour 2010

The Cape Town leg of the Miller Paul Oakenfold Tour will be held at @tmospheer Nightclub in Lansdowne on Friday 7th May, 2010.

Paul Oakenfold Tour

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