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I have previously blogged about the wonderful Greenshot advanced screenshot software and of course, you are taught in Grade 10 how to use the Snipping Tool. Here is a third way to capture a screenshot that is especially useful if you quickly want to insert a screenshot of a window that is open into your Word document.

In the following example, I show you how to insert a screenshot of a PowerPoint presentation into a Word document:

Steps to use Word's Insert Screenshot option.
Steps to use Word’s Insert Screenshot option
  1. Navigate to the Insert ribbon & left-click on the Screenshot button
  2. If you have any other windows open they will appear as thumbnail options in the Available Windows section of the drop-down
  3. Hovering over a thumbnail reveals details of that thumbnail in a screen tip, in this instance a PowerPoint presentation named “Computer Crime.pptx”; left-click on the thumbnail to insert a screenshot of that window at the cursor position
  4. If you only want to snip a part of the screen or window, left-clicking the Screen Clipping option activates a selection tool that allows you to select the screen or a section thereof by left-click dragging which is then automatically pasted into the document at the cursor position — the trick here is to understand that the Word document you are working in is minimised to reveal your desktop in the state it was in before you last made that Word window active

The same feature exists in Microsoft PowerPoint.

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