This is a collaborative post with my CAT learners to compare the Instant Messaging apps, Telegram and WhatsApp.

As an adult using an Instant Messaging app, the ability to edit sent messages is a deal-breaker. Telegram provides this and many other features such as extremely easy message scheduling. Additionally, Telegram offers a totally independent Desktop version; WhatsApp’s version still requires you to be signed in to your smartphone.

The table below represents a feature parity comparison. Where both apps have the same feature, multiple tick marks represent one apps superiority over another for that feature.

Edit sent messages
Scheduled Messages
Smartphone (Android)
Smartphone (iOS)
Desktop Version 1
Portable Version
Interface customization
Folders to organize Chats
No Limit to DevicesLimit of 4
Stores private dataLessMore

And the reason you have not switched from WhatsApp to Telegram? Let me guess: “All my friends are on WhatsApp”.


  1. Fully standalone, logged-in phone not required

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